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The Ultimate Game Changer two day workshop at Sonia's home in January 2014
The Ultimate Game Changer two day workshop at Sonia's home in January 2014
The Ultimate Game Changer two day workshop at Sonia's home in January 2014
The Ultimate Game Changer two day workshop at Sonia's home in January 2014
Recently I did a personal consultation with Sonia which has catapulted me to my next level of expansion. Anne, Virgenia Beach, VA
Sonia operates freely outside the realms of what is commonly held as “the possible”. She is a Wisdom Woman. When I work with her I am able to feel that Wisdom working in my behalf. She is light heart-ed, has a great sense of humor, and intimately acquainted with the cosmic joke, which she is more than willing to share/let you in on! - Geo Schiffer
“Sonia Barrett is undoubtedly a true mystic” Dr. Amit Goswami,Ph.D, Theoretical Physicist
I encountered Sonia while she was being interviewed on Rumor Mill News Radio and was immediately drawn to this incredible energy. She shared her information and experiences with clarity and true appreciation. It made so much sense. I literally was standing in my kitchen in awe. -Pamela, Delafield, WI
Sonia Barrett was a speaker at the 2011 ISSSEEM conference. Here she is part of a panel with Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Amit Goswami and Dr. Jacob Liberman.
"Sonia's visionary journey guides us to a new understanding of life." Jacob Liberman Ph.D. Vision Scientist
Sonia Barrett surpassed my expectations. She is approachable, direct, and on point. In a single consultation I was able to connect dots I have not been able to connect in years of therapy. Sonia taught me some exercises and tools that I can apply to help myself. I sensed a deep understanding on her part of how I have lived most of my life rewinding the same movie with different characters and props. -Nora P., Wilder, VT
Participants in Sonia's full day workshop call The Surrender.
A session with Sonia is like having a session with a very wise, loving, incisive and intuitive friend. She can spot your limiting stories/scripts almost instantly, which allows you to gain clarity at the deepest levels. Yve, Brighton, U.K
Sonia Barrett is wise and articulate and smart, and, above all, she is effective. My consultation with her took me deep into critical problem areas that have been defining my life and, above all, making it so much less than it should be. Her methods are strikingly simple and careful. Whitley Strieber, Author of Communion
Sonia’s work has from the moment I first discovered it been a huge inspiration to me and helped me take some leaps I didn’t always myself knew were safe to take. However when I after anticipating it for almost a year finally decided to book a consultation with Sonia it was so worth it and I had to book one more which probably won’t be the last. The more you are ready to jumpstart your game the better she will be able to help you to realize all the things you already know. Thank you again -Mikkel J Denmark
I first encountered Sonia's work through a friend of mine. I was immediately drawn to her unique way of providing information that increased awareness and expanded my understanding of reality rather than the usual new age information which left a gap between myself and the presenter. Sonia brought it home and made it personal, which is the goal with self expansion. She is the only one who can achieve this now, in my opinion. Anne Virgenia Beach, VA
Sonia Barrett is wise and articulate and smart, and, above all, she is effective. My consultation with her took me deep into critical problem areas that have been defining my life and, above all, making it so much less than it should be. Whitley Strieber Author of Communion


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The principle of Sonia Barrett's lectures and workshops is to reawaken the memory of those attending. Sonia presents concepts and ideas that stimulate thought and revives empowerment. Her objective overall is to present clarity and insight into the manner in which we build our personal hologram of reality.  Her information is sought globally.

Sonia has made many of her video recordings of these conferences available on this website. Many video excerpts, featured workshops and  free access to her articles are made available on this site.CLICK HERE


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Welcome to Realiity Bridge Magazine. Reality Bridge Magazine presents cutting edge content exploring our world and the nature of reality. We publish articles covering quantum physics, cutting edge technology, cutting edge health concepts, consciousness, spirituality, mind, paradigm shifts, cosmological changes, discoveries about our universe, new scientific discoveries, edgy political and financial information.

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The Cosmic Game in 3D presents new concepts about the nature of reality as game experience. It breaks all rules and boundaries of acceptable concepts and speculations about what’s real and what’s possible. Guided through a collection of insights, the mind is obliged to step outside its boundaries to view the programs by which it operates. This is an exploration into the matrix of the mind. Who is in charge of the humans? Is reality a marketed experience, and is there a universal corporation? Presented inside is thought-provoking analysis of our cultural concepts: The Holographic Canvas explores many possibilities one of which raises the question "is Earth as we know it but a matrix or system of programs? Is death then a necessary process or is it simply part of the matrix program? Is it then possible that the concept of dying will cease to exist once humanity uncovers the deception?" Sonia Barrett proposes that human bodies are vehicles not yet turned on but designed to make molecular modifications according to the vibration of our consciousness. She takes us on a journey of our existence in a holographic world, as she states "a virtual game; an assortment of illusions strung together by the brain and the mind.

Reshaping our lives is an endless quest. However we often face difficulty in navigating through changes and choices. There is difficulty because choices are being made based on embedded programming from the human game. Coaching/Consultations go beyond subconscious programs, beyond guides and angels or past life regression. This is about you owning the truth of who you are as the creator of your reality hologram. Your consciousness is the source behind the creation of your life’s journey. This is about the raw science of creating your hologram; your reality. CLICK HERE

Sonia Barrett founded and hosted Sovereign Mind Radio for more than four years. SMR is no more.   Sonia has changed the name of the show to Inner Bridge Radio which will be even more cutting edge and insightful. Inner Bridge Radio will share perspectives that will create a bridge to possibilities that are a quantum leap into the future where we walk as conscious masters. The show is recorded and uploaded weekly after which it goes to the Archive and a new Featured guest is posted. CLICK HERE

Written by Sonia Barrett, February 2013

Coming up for air from the challenges of our life’s stories is a pursued reward. This seemingly simple desire can actually be a challenging accomplishment for many. The truth is that our life is built on our story whatever that may be regardless of the conditions that led to that story. We are generally submerged in this experience on a daily basis. We are addicts to our lives although we yearn to be relieved of these experiences. In our heads we chant our likes and dislikes in a very unconscious ritual. We run pictures and images through our minds as a confirmation and validation of these selected stores.

hour glass

There seems to be no end to this torment. Time is then assigned as the scale of “value” for if we are to live these stories in our heads we must become fully immersed in the “time” construct. Our ability to modify the dimension of time is part of the misunderstood magic for what we are able to do in our minds we can also do in the outward version of reality. In our minds we are able to live two weeks or ten years in but a moment. However we are faced with collective conditioning and our addiction to such beliefs about the mechanics of reality. We ultimately exist in the realm of imagination…who or what is imagining us? Are we the ultimate imaginer? Why are we so afraid to own that position? Perhaps it is because for so long we have been convinced that someone else is at the wheel. This has allowed us the luxury of blaming something outside of our self. What’s outside…we are both outside and inside. If that is the case then where can blame ultimately be placed?


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